Hising Bridge wins IABSE Award 2023

Hisingsbron Trafikkontoret Göteborgs Stad
November 9, 2023

The Hising Bridge wins the international IABSE Awards 2023 in the category Small Road and Rail Bridges.

  • Hising Bridge in Gothenburg, just won the prestigious IABSE Award in the category of Small Road and Rail Bridge in 2023.

    The bridge is designed for the City of Gothenburg in collaboration with engineers Cowi, ELU and Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner.

    Dissing+Weitling's acceptance speech

    Arpeggio is near to our hearts. It is a powerful bridge, a daring bridge. It has a most striking design and an essential functionality, and it also has something extra! The potential to become Gothenburg’s new landmark and – most important - it is a connection and a structure for the users to be proud of in many years to come. We ourselves think Arpeggio has the X Factor! So thank you very much for agreeing on this!

    At Disising+Weitling we believe that infrastructure is more than resolving practical urban challenges – it is also an investment in a community. The Hising Bridge is an investment in the community of Gothenburg. The bridge reflects the surroundings, and infuses the city's infrastructure with cultural iconography. Or you could say: The striking design provides both a physical and a metaphorical platform of expression. We aimed for a powerful piece of architecture with the potential to stimulate connectivity and life in the city of Gothenburg.

    Arpeggio is also an example of how far we can get when we work well together - architects, engineers, and client. Bridge art is very much the art of collaboration – so big thank you team Hising Bridge! It has been a great pleasure!

    A total of 6 projects were nominated.

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