Lion Ocean Link

Chinese bridge with world record span

Lion Ocean Link render night Dissing Weitling

Together with the Chinese engineer HPDI, Dissing+Weitling's bridge team has won the task of designing Lion Ocean Link.

  • China
    Road Bridges and Tunnels
    2020 - In Progress
  • Client
    Guangdong Provincial Highway Construction Group Co., Ltd.
    CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd. (HPDI)
    34 km
  • Lion Ocean Link has a total length of 34 kilometres, which includes a suspension bridge with a 'double-decker section' with 2 times 8 lanes.

    The pylons are approximately 350 metres high and the bridge will get a world record span of approximately 2.180 metres.

    The huge anchor blocks are carefully proportioned and
    composed of simple geometric forms which clearly reveal their function.

  • Lion Lion Ocean Link render day Dissing Weitling
  • A fruitful co-lab

    The Lion Ocean Link project is an outcome of Dissing+Weitling's fruitful and close collaboration with HPDI Guangzhou. The two partners are current working together on two other grand constructionens: Longmen Bridge and Huangmaohai Link.

    Read about this collaborations and Dissing+Weitling's mobility work in the international magazine Bridge design & engineering, issue 11. May 2023.