Swan River Causeway Bridge

New landmark bridge in Perth

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The pedestrian and cyclist bridge will be constructed downstream of the heritage-listed Causeway Bridge, providing improved access across the Swan River.

  • Perth, Australia
    Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridges
    2020 - 2024
  • Client
    Perth City
    WSP Australia Pty Ltd / Seymour Whyte Construction Pty Ltd / Civmec Construction and Engineering Pty Ltd / Hassell
  • Together with the Civmec SWC WSP team, Dissing+Weitling is designing the new Swan River Causeway Bridge in Perth, Australia.

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    The design of the structural elements of the bridges derive inspiration from the stories of Fanny Balbuk and Yagan - two key figures associated with Heirisson Island.
  • The bridge is part of a major infrastructure plan, aiming to encourage more people to consider walking and riding as a transport option in the area.

    The design draws on Aboriginal history

    The design of the new active transport infrastructure draws on the rich Aboriginal history and culture of the area, and will improve safety for the estimated 1,400 cyclists and 1,900 pedestrians who use the existing path on the Causeway Bridge each day.

    The site holds strong significance to Aboriginal people and the design reflects and embeds the Whadjuk Noongar culture. The alignment and design were carried out using a dialogue-based approach process with the local population on the special location and cultural context.

    The bridge embodies an iconic structural language that is easily recognizable to the public and reflects an ambitious architectural appearance; the simplistic and elegant design has slender proportions that makes the structure both visually and physically light.

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    Works started in the river, in the southern channel, in November 2023 and are anticipated to be completed in both channels in Spring 2024.
  • Lighting design

    The design provides a harmonious appearance of lighting that fits well with the shape and structure of the bridge at the same time the lighting avoid negative impact on the environment.

    The stay cables, measuring between 17m and 94m, can light up in various colours and images.

    Access for everybody

    The overall alignment and accessibility of the bridge and supporting spaces has been designed under the umbrella of Universal Design and accessibility for both pedestrians and cyclists, including people with disabilities so the bridge is safe for everyone.

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  • Dissing+Weitling's winning design for the Swan River Bridge is following another grand bridge project in Brisbane, Australia, the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge.

  • The winning team is:

    WSP Australia Pty Ltd

    Seymour Whyte Construction Pty Ltd

    Civmec Construction and Engineering Pty Ltd