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Dialogue and digital precision

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Dialogue, experience and digital precision. The three words not only describe the talented employees in the firm; they also express how we work towards the best solutions.

In any construction process, the early phases to clarify needs are vitally important. This is when critical decisions are taken and ideas are tested. Therefore, we place high priority on close dialogue between the client and advisers, and we are experts in the digital tools that visualise and systematise processes and needs for the whole project team.

In the preliminary phases, we help to translate and specify ideas and objectives for the final brief that will form the basis for next phases in the building project.

“It’s important for us to be the best consultants. It’s no secret that many different parties have to work together on complex building processes, often under time and financial pressure. Therefore, dialogue, confidence and professional advice are important for us from the very start. For example, if a client is unsure about the statutory deliverables in a public building project, we will advise on the rules and optimise the design so that the client achieves the maximum possible value both architecturally, technically and economically.”

– Torben Lindquist, Partner and Constructing Architect

Whether we are working with parametric modelling or ICT and BIM processes, we translate the project requirements digitally, and we ensure quality and flow throughout the entire lifetime of the project. Digital tools and the skill to use them dialogically give an overview of the building program and mean that it can meet all relevant building regulations.

In practice, this means that our ICT advisor implements and coordinates all deliverables digitally, so that they can be shared among the project partners – from managing offers to digital construction models and drawings in all phases of construction.

Digital simulations make for better decisions

With the project manager, the ICT advisor coordinates digital cooperation between the project stakeholders, and throughout the course of construction ensures that all necessary ICT services comply with the ICT executive orders and legislation.

In addition to being an effective communication tool, it is also a way to ensure accuracy and precision. By means of digital building models and drawings, it is possible to visualise analyses and, for example, generate energy and environmental simulations so that the consequences of a decision can be predicted early in the construction phase. This provides a much better basis for decisions and potentially fewer errors.

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    Kristian Støvring
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    Torben Lindquist
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