Groundbreaking suspension bridges in Norway

Dissing Weitling Halsa Still A
June 22, 2022

Dissing+Weitling is part of the team developing the preliminary project for four suspension bridge solutions crossing the Sula Fjord, and for one suspension bridge across the Halsa Fjord.

  • As bridge design experts, Dissing+Weitling worked together with Aas-Jakobsen, COWI and Multiconsult with Johs Holt to assist the Norwegian Public Roads Administration in developing the 5 best bridge solutions for the E39 where it crosses the Sula Fjord and Halsa Fjord.

    It has been an interesting and rewarding journey for the team, dealing with cutting edge bridge design for the beautiful Norwegian landscape:

    - It has been a great pleasure to be able to continue our work in Norway. This exiting task is a continuation of the great collaboration on the Bjørna Fjord bridge and the team's experience gained through our involvement in advanced long-span bridges, floating bridges and marine structures in Norway and abroad. The bridges will be located in a dramatic and magnificent scenery, and for this reason, it is our goal to design the bridges in respect of the natural surroundings, says Partner and Architect Jesper Henriksen.

  • Dissing Weitling Sula K1 hengebru D 0990
  • Pushing boundaries

    The project is beyond any kind of standard solutions and requires expert skills within transportation and bridges, offshore and other marine projects as well as the developing new technology.

    The Sula Fjord spans from Hareid and Sula and measures between 3.5 and 4.0 kilometres in width and down to 450 metres in depth where the bridges will be located. The section is exposed to severe winds and waves.

    The depths of the fjords

    The team will explore different solutions and depending on the final result, this may be the longest bridge span in the world on a suspension bridge; the Halsa Fjord is a so-called fjord arm in Nordmøre district, measuring two kilometres in width and 500 metres in depth at the future bridge location. For this location, the consultancy team will explore a concept for a two-span suspension bridge on a floating foundation in the middle of the fjord, anchored to the fjord bed.