Office building in Caribbean connecting inner and outer landscape

Dissing+Weitling, office building in Caribbean, exterior, NOR3D
October 24, 2019

The architecture support and encourage teamwork and the use of local materials aim for the workspace to have a positive impact on the daily lives of the staff.

The office building in the Caribbean is designed to fully support and encourage teamwork and innovation. We use local, natural materials and aim for the workspace to have a positive impact on the daily lives of the staff. A workplace must always be more than just a place to work.

The office building is situated in a fantastic, vigorous environment. Many mature trees and plants, which the building adjusts to, help to create an overall feeing of a large spacious garden and a calming atmosphere. This valuable starting point is part of defining our architectural visions for the site.

We have kept all of the office functions on two main levels, creating a lower level that takes advantage of the sloping site and works with the garden-like character of the site. Our intention is to create the feeling that the exterior landscape 'flows' through the ground floor, while an open stair and small atrium visually connects the two main levels.

Good views and daylight

Besides areas of flexible offices design, the building contains meeting rooms, kitchen space, conference rooms, lobby and parking garage. The rooms are optimised with regard to safety and functional, acoustical and lighting requirements. The windows are strategically placed to allow for good views and daylight. The design opens opportunities for flexibility for future changes and expansion and the facade passively protects the outer skin of the building from the heat energy of sun, and thereby minimise the need for air-conditioning the interior spaces.

Natural and local materials

To create a link to the former old building structure and maintain the historic character of the site, we reuse some of the old architectural elements like the main entrance gate in metal, some of the colonial bricks and the natural stones used for the retaining walls and paving. The shutters are metal elements that we suggest being produced by local craftsman where there is a fine tradition for metalwork. In general, all materials and interior elements like stairs, railing, glass partitions, surfaces, ceramic tile floors and furniture holds a natural beauty, which we preserve.