Xiamen Bicycle Skyway wins the "Liveable Cities" category in the Danish Design Award 2019

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May 14, 2019

Xiamen Bicycle Skyway made it to the top in this year’s Danish Design Award. As the winner of the new category Liveable Cities, the solution is recognised as “having a positive effect on the city environment and ecology”.

Dissing+Weitling received the golden D yesterday, when Xiamen Bicycle Skyway was revealed and honored as one of this year’s winners of Danish Design Award.

The winner project

Xiamen Bicycle Skyway is the world’s longest bicycle bridge – an elevated bicycle pathway along the busy traffic road that integrates pedestrian bridges, ramps, roundabouts, bicycle parking, bicycle service pavilions and points of interest. The jury has agreed that this project is the winner of the new category, Liveable Cities – “An award for design-led solutions that humanise or simplify city living.”

Jury statement

The Danish Design Award Jury says:

Bringing new life to an otherwise dead part of the city and integrating different forms of traffic, the Skyway solves a very complex challenge. Skyway involves Danish architects reviving a part of Chinese daily life – cycling culture – in a new context. The design quality is impressive for a project on this scale, and the Skyway is overall a great example of how Danish design DNA can be adapted into a different local fabric.

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  • For several decades, Dissing+Weitling has contributed to the transformation of cities towards more liveable, well connected and green spaces. In Copenhagen we have designed bridges such as Åbuen Bridge, Quay Bridge and the world-famous Bicycle Snake, and we have exported this expertise within urban planning and bridge design to other parts of the world, as in this example, to China.

    In 2018, the Bicycle Snake received the Icon Award in Danish Design Award.

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