COWI Headquarters

Redefined domicile for the engineers

Dissing+Weitling, COWI, covered walkway, night

Comprehensive renovation, reconstruction and interior design redefined COWI's headquarters, with more efficient utilisation of space and better logical connections in the large office complex. After Dissing+Weitling's work, the complex received a DGNB Gold certification for existing buildings.

  • Kongens Lyngby, Denmark
    Headquarters, Extensions, Transformations
    2012 - 2014
  • Client
    Nordea Ejendomme
    10,710 m²
    DGNB Gold
  • In 2012, COWI decided to upgrade their headquarters to more modern work facilities in line with the company’s brand and values, and to provide an optimal framework for employee well-being.

    The new office facilities were to reflect COWI's status as one of Denmark's largest and most advanced engineering companies, with a secondary aim to reduce the size of the lease, as COWI's offices near Lyngby Station just north of Copenhagen encompassed three independent buildings. The alternative would have been a change of address and construction of a new office. That is not how it went. Instead, Dissing+Weitling optimised their office space and transformed the cell offices and existing hallways.

    The extensive transformation of almost 10,000 m² of office space also included the creation of a covered walkway between two separate buildings along the highway. The walkway has connected the buildings and made the canteen a central gathering point for employees.

  • Dissing+Weitling, COWI, interior

    The renovation made it possible for COWI to vacate the third building in their lease, Lyngbyport, and consolidate their employees in two buildings instead of three.

  • DGNB Gold

    The transformation led to a DGNB Gold certification for existing buildings. COWI, which itself advises clients on sustainability, emphasised the importance of sustainable operation of the buildings and the best framework for their employees. We created a good indoor climate in the form of improved air quality, lighting, acoustics and temperature, all of which play an important role in employee well-being.

  • Dissing+Weitling, COWI, drawing