From headquarters to residential areas

Dissing Weitling Tuborg Havnepark front

We design international headquarters, residential areas, office space, learning facilities, laboratories and customised interior and product design.

Irrespective of the size and nature of a task, our working methods and aesthetics reflect our Nordic design heritage and drive new solutions forward.

We unite classical values, such as solidity and continuity, with modern tools to achieve harmony between function, environment and form.

Our portfolio includes work for high-profile clients, including headquarters for international brands such as ISS, ECCO, Novo Nordisk, COWI and MT Højgaard.

Despite obvious brand differences and demands, most companies share wishes for the best possible working environments: the best indoor climate, optimal acoustics, bright light, flexible workspace and opportunities for knowledge sharing.

As architects we love creating these optimal solutions that can function for many years to come and we are committed to collaborate with clients and colleagues.